I. plunge plunge 1 [plʌndʒ] verb [intransitive, transitive]
JOURNALISM to suddenly and quickly go down in value or amount; = PLUMMET:

• Stock prices plunged again yesterday.

• The company's shares plunged 33% in a single day.

plunge into phrasal verb [transitive]
1. plunge into something to begin to do something suddenly, without thinking about the possible results:

• Investors are plunging into the world of international bonds.

2. plunge (somebody/​something) into something to start to experience a difficult or unpleasant situation, or to make someone or something start to experience it:

• After the war, Europe plunged into recession.

• A disastrous Christmas period plunged the company into a cash crisis.

  [m0] II. plunge plunge 2 noun JOURNALISM
1. [countable usually singular] a sudden large fall in a price, value, or rate; = PLUMMET:
plunge in

• The plunge in oil prices led to losses of about $50 million.

2. take the plunge to finally decide to take a risk, especially after delaying it for a long time:

• Advertisers are studying the new technology with interest, but most have yet to take the plunge.

* * *

plunge UK US /plʌndʒ/ verb [I or T]
to go down in amount or value very quickly and suddenly: markets/sales plunge »

Car sales plunged in France in June.

plunge to sth »

Share prices plunged $16.74, or 44%, to $20.51 a share.

plunge by sth »

The Dow was 40 points ahead, having plunged by 60 points shortly after the opening bell.

plunge from sth »

Visitor numbers plunged from 25million in 2010 to 22.8million - but they are now recovering.

plunge UK US /plʌndʒ/ noun [C]
a sudden and large reduction in value or amount: »

We are expecting a plunge in profits this year.


Profits are being affected by the plunge in the dollar against the euro.

a plunge in prices/sales »

The plunge in oil prices has driven fuel bills 12% lower.

take the plunge — Cf. take the plunge

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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